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Ladder = Stege in Racketlon

The Enskede Racketlon ladder is a way to help everyone to play more matches. You can challenge a person who is maximum ten levels above yourself with exception for top 10 where you only can challenge five steps (if OK from a player you can challange higher than this). If the better ranked player wins nothing is changed. If the lower ranked person wins he/she will advance to the number where the opponent is. The other player will go down one level. All matches are played to 21 as usual but if you use the Friday Practice for the ladder you play to 15 so the courts not will be occupied too long. If the better player doesn’t accept a challenge within 14 days it will be counted as a lost => change of positions in the ladder.

To join the ladder the only requirement is that you are a member in the club. You can play matches when ever you wish and one option is to come at the Friday Practice and play a match. The club has the right to put a new player at any position.

The ladder include 68 players.

If you wish to contact an opponent just click on the name in the list. You will find the ladder here.

After a game the result must be sent to and please include following:

1 - Name of both players
2 - Date
3 - The result in all four sports

All matches will be added to both players Head-To-Head.

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